Magic Diamond

Store Design Project

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Magic Diamond (Shoe Store)

FIT Exhibit

From the whole exibit these two were my top favorite because of how they were presented as well as the color technique that was used was very interesting. I thought that the first mannequin was cool because how it was nice and plain with just the two colors black and white and how it simply just added a effect to make the mannequin pop. On the other hand, the other one was more colorful with like paint splashes going all over the entire mannequin. It really looked realistic and the colors were very vibrant. The idea of how the whole thing was made, I thought it was very interesting.

Overall, the whole exibit was wonderful. Everything looked nice and it was very different from one another. Everything has its own unique style and use of different technique and ways creating this exhibit.

Visual Emphasis


Thumbnail Designs/Store Designs

Summary Of Photoshop Posts

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