March 2017

Photoshop Notes

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Banksy PowerPoint


Banksy Window Display

For this window display, my class were assigned to do artist’s as the next topic for the windows. My group and I were inspired by Banksy and we decided to work with that. Banksy’s artwork is very interesting and very simple. His artwork is very precise and enthusiastic. My group and I combined two models to create one clean and fun window display. We were inspired by the street artĀ of the robot since it was so simple but yet so much can be done and created with. The main focus of our window display was the robot and the man in the suit. Since our window was very simple, my group and I decided to add things and play around with the display to make it look as we wanted to. Some struggles that were faced were getting in the back walls in, they were too large so we had to cut them to make them fit into the window. Also, the positioning of the robot was another struggle because it was hard to make him stand in a way that we wanted to. Some successes were getting the overall window done in time, getting the floor done and painting the side and back walls.


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