For this window, we were assigned to do a celebrity window display. It was all about important people that inspired us and that impacted us today. For this window, my group and I had a visualization of Beyonce being the center of attention since it is a window about her. We decided to place her in the middle and have her dancers posing in different poses next to her. Since it was a holiday window display, we wanted to include some holiday inspiration so everyones groups also had three gift boxes somewhere included in the windows. For the background, we did a beehive and yellow background. For the floor we just had a plain yellow floor. We wanted the Beyonce mannequin to stand out since her outfit was all black so we just went with a simple yellow floor. Materials that we used were: foam core, mannequin, clothes for mannequin, t-pins, t-square, ruler, blade, boxes and etc. Lastly, we had a boarder around the window and included all of Beyonce’s album covers.