For this window display, my group was inspired by the halloween movie “Carrie”. We decided to recreate a movie scene from “Carrie” and we chose to do the prom scene, especially since it goes well with the whole idea of this year as well. Overall, I think my group and I did a nice job at completing this task. There was many challenges within this project and also some successes as well. Some challenges that we faced throughout this task was creating the floor. It was challenging because we constantly had to make more and also the wood panels were coming off which made it more time consuming. Another thing that was challenging for us was the background because we had to paint all of the sides and make it look as realistic as possible. Finding the correct paint to use for the blood was challenging too because we tired making our own blood but it did not work out and it just took away more time for my group. Further, some successes that we had were finding the dress for the mannequin, hanging the disco ball, hanging and making the banner, placing the mannequin, placing the flowers in the mannequins hand and also putting in the floor and background.

Materials that we used for this project were:

  • Manniquin
  • Dress
  • paint
  • wood panels
  • fake blood
  • disco ball
  • wig
  • fake flower

Overall this was a stressful project but it came out to a good success. Next time, I think that me and my group should have a better communication and have a better plan on what we’re planning to do.