December 2015

Fav. Window Display

This window display is created by Simon Doonan. I really like this display because not only is it a holiday display, but also theres so much going on in it and it all looks so amazing as a whole piece. The background structure  looks very well developed. I like the dress and how its made out of gift wrapping paper. The color stories are basically just christmas colors, mostly just red, white, silver an black.

Inspiration – Christina Milian

For this week, my inspiration is Christina Milian.

She’s an American actress and singer, best known for her R&B records and a number of roles from television and film. In the early 2000s she collaborated with artists Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez. She also appeared in several movies and competed on Season 17 of “Dancing with the Stars.” Christina releases her second album “It’s About Time” in 2004. Throughout the years of her career she gained more and more support from her family members and friends, which helped her more with her career.

Favorite Window Display

For this week, I chose this window display as my favorite because its the month of December and I love the holidays and Christmas time. I really like this window display because theres so much going on, so much detail and it all looks like a winter wonderland. This window display represents Bloomingdales because of the brown bags, it all captures it right away. The background of this display is really glamorous and it makes the display stand out. Furthermore, the color palette is more to match up with the whole holiday theme.

Self-Portrait (Pop Art)

For this pop art project, I decided to focus and do three main colors; pink, purple and blue. I really like how this project turned out overall. Since the hair in the picture on the left looked very simple and plain I decided to give it a little pop and add more details and do little curls into the hair. Also, for the lips I also decided to add more details to make it look more presentable. Overall this was a fun project, I learned how to be more precise and to manage my time more. I had trouble cutting it out and I had to re-do some part of this project but overall, I managed and did everything in the matter that I wanted.

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