October 2015

Self-Portrait Cubism

The whole idea of this project was to create a “painting” using the technique of cubism. This painting is suppose to illustrate you and how you are as a person, but not exactly needs to look like you. For my painting I just drew my face and a bunch of different shapes to show the whole idea of cubism. I decided to use a darker color pallet. I was very inspired by Picasso’s work. His work is very inspiration to many. I really like the techniques he used for his cubism artwork. He used so many different shapes, prisms and colors to make his artwork stand out and for people to like. This project was a success for me but if there was one thing I would change, I would add more details to it and I would outline everything in black. The most hardest part of this project was drawing but overall I think I did a good job on it. The easiest part was coloring everything in.

unnamed       unnamed-1

1940 ‘s

Luminsim (American Landscape) style of art. imageFashion

mens-fashion-1940s3         1940s_Fashion

5108991433_229355f7b8    late-1940s-party-shoes


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Color Stories

4796782860_93a1d55f65_b   images


vintage-burgundy-cream-and-black-living-room-1940 Unknown  images


Woman's Own 1940s UK trees decorations angels teddy bears golliwogs presents womens dresses hobbies golliwoggs magazines golly

1946 1940s UK womens magazines portraits flowers

Rita Hayworth



My inspiration for this week is my mom. She’s always there for me no matter what the situation is or might be. She is such a role model to me and I always ask her for advice. She’s not only my mother but also my best friend. She always motivates me to do better in school and to always try my hardest to be successful, because without school and hard work there won’t be a career and success.

Favorite Window Display

My favorite window for this week is a Tiffany’s window display “The Great Gatsby”. I really like this window because of all the simple details added and how it looks simple as well as elegant. I really like the whole idea of the hands and the champagne it really goes well with the theme and brings the whole story together. I think this display tells a great story within three seconds.

30 ‘s Lifestyle

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Shirley Temple

tumblr_m17m7ee9nO1qhpmnao1_500   Unknown


Cars (Ford)

0512rc_01_z1930_ford_model_a_highboyside    1934-ford-roadster

Color Stories


Art (Cubism)

Popova_Air_Man_Space           images

Stephanie Clair - Tutt'Art@ (51)


1930s fashion dress-glamourdaze2 1930s-hairstyles-for-men_18 38

model1371 568px-Flickr_-_…trialsanderrors_-_Toni_Frissell,_Fashion_model,_Washington,_D.C.,_1949


Display Windows        1957_DaytonsMPLS_DisplayWindow_FoxStoles


images-1                 images



This quote is an inspiration to me because it gives me more strength to do better and to be always positive at what I’m doing. This is also a motivation because it lets me stay on track and keep my head up. There will be obsticals no matter what you do in life, but there shouldn’t be giving up, yet there should be more and more strength and keep everything going. Like everyone says hard work always pays off and makes everything better.

Favorite Window Display – (Dior)

I really liked this window display because there is so many different things going on, a lot of details to tell the story. I like how everything is well incorporated. The background is really pretty, and has a nice shade of purple which makes the display stand out. I also like the whole idea of the balloons, it goes well with the whole theme. The lighting makes the display more interesting and more vibrant.

1920’s Lifestyle


18-50     maxresdefault


IMG_7376 s-l1000



img672 extravagant_evening_dress_illustration_postcard-r85f187613ac7496b9a0e379a68e8b385_vgbaq_8byvr_512



d98bfa268b53d2115e451eabed8e2ce66e155ea1            1920s-womens-fashion-sweaters-cardigans-tunics


Window Displays

shop-window    HOFI00120

Movie Star (Lillian Gish)

lillian-gish-1893-1993-granger          Lillian_Gish_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_16959

Halloween Window Display

For this project, me and my groups whole idea was to create a window display for Halloween. We decided to go with a headless horseman, bats and a pumpkin for the main idea. As we were working on this project, first we had to trace and draw everything and then choose either orange,  purple or black and choose from those three colors because those were the only colors we had to use. This whole project took a lot time and effort. But as me and my group worked incredibly hard on this, we gathered all of our ideas together and created an amazing story. Additionally, the most hardest part of this whole project was putting the headless horseman inside the window and making it stay in place. It took a lot of patience to pin the horseman because it kept falling down and the legs of the horse almost broke. Yet, the easiest part of this project was placing the bats inside the window. Overall, I really enjoyed working on this project. I had a fun time working with my group members, we didn’t have any problems and I also liked how we all incorporated our ideas together and made it all as one big one.

IMG_4634        IMG_4632

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