September 2015

Gene Moore Post (Article Summary)

The article “They’re Just Window Dressing, but Tiffany Sparkles with Gene Moore’s Gems” by: Joy Wansley was mainly about Gene Moore and his amazing career journey throughout the years. He was a very successful person in life and wasn’t scared to try something new and different, he was all up for the challenge. He created “new eye-catching fantasies” every two weeks, which was very astonishing. Gene Moore was a fashion inventor. He always found new ways to invent something and present it in a way that everyone would catch an eye on. On the other hand, he never worked with a budget, he simply said that “its an imagination, not money.” Moore always made merchandise work for him and he also tried to make new ideas for himself everyday. Furthermore, he created several different windows in which it showed his perspective how he sees things. Moore was simply an extraordinary man, who never gave up. He focused on what was important to him and became very successful in his life.

Gene Moore Post

This is one of my favorite Gene Moore; Tiffany & Co. window displays. The reason why I chose this one specifically is because of the color scheme, the structure, proportion and the style. This is a winter/Christmas theme window display and thats also the reason why I really thought it was very eye catching. This window display is very simple but very well detailed. I really like the small branch on the top of the display and the bird holding the key, it really put the whole story of Tiffany & Co. together and made it look nice and simple. Since Tiffany is all about jewelry, I thought that the bird and the key was an amazing idea overall. Moreover, I really liked the color of the background it really made the whole display pop out. Lastly, the snow on the bottom of the display brought the whole idea of the theme (winter) which was really cool.

Inspiration – My brother

Someone who really inspires me everyday is my brother. He always motivates me to do better, whether it has to do with school, the gym or choosing a path in my career. He’s an amazing person and is always very thoughtful and helpful. He’s a very positive person and very supportive. He always tries his best to help me to reach my goals as well as he’s there to support me and help me in becoming a successful person in life.

Scale and Perspective Collage

For this project, I wanted to show the audience what my whole vision for this project was. I wanted to create an imagine of Tommy Hilfiger. So I went with a classy look and chose man suits in a department store. When I first saw the background, the whole idea to this project came to my head. I added a bunch of men in suits to represent my whole main idea for this project. Then, I chose different shapes and sizes of men is suits to match the whole idea of scale and perspective. I decided to pick differnt textures for the floor and the ceiling to make it all stand out but also match it up with the colors that were used. If there was one thing I could change about this project, it would be the ceiling. I would choose a different color and texture to match it up to the chandelier.

Inspiration – (Marilyn Monroe)

My inspiration of the week was Marilyn Monroe. The reason why I chose to write about her is because she is a huge inspiration to me for the longest time now. Marilyn was an amazing person, she created a character that the whole world fell in love with. Even though she had a difficult childhood and struggled to make a successful career for herself, she did everything in her best to achieve her fame and success. Marilyn was one of the greatest stars and symbols of beauty that the world has ever known. My favorite quote was “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.” Marilyn herself was not a size zero, she felt the pressure of “fashionable small sizes” while she was working in Hollywood. I found this quote very inspirational because I know, in our generation women tend to care so much about society and what everyone thinks. Everyone is beautiful no matter what shape or size you are. Basically, with this quote the actress encourage us not to care about all of the false standards of society. The most important thing is that you feel happy and healthy in your body.

Marilyn Monroe was a successful women and showed the world many great things, I loved how she created character and everyone fell in love with that idea.

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the top three

These three window displays are my top favorite because they’re the ones that caught my eye right away. All three stores are classic and very stylish. I chose these specific window displays for Prada, Gucci and Tory Burch because I wanted to show the audience different varieties of color, shape and line. What really caught my eye in the Prada window display was the wooden background. It had a really interesting looking pattern and the blue color in the middle really made it look very classic and simple. Yet, in the Gucci window display, I thought that the animal in the background really brought the whole imagine together and created an amazing story to the audience. The colors in the background were included in the white dresses which made it all pop out. The Tory Burch window display shows how classy the store is as well as it shows different shades of the color red/burgundy. The one thing that I really liked about these windows was the usage of color in all three and how everything was well put together to create a story to the audience.

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first post

For this project, me and my group created a mood board and a rendering to show Kim Kardashian lifestyle. We created a visual display to show the audience what she was mainly about. Our main achievement for this project was to incorporate everything that best fits her and her personality as well as her lifestyle, all in three quick seconds. We decided to choose Chanel as our brand because we thought that it showed off how classy Kim is. We also added lots of details to create a story all about her. We added pink roses by the chaise lounge to make the color stand out. A lightbulb mirror to show that she is all about taking selfies. A checkerboard floor and a pearl chandelier to show off how classy and simple she is and a rose back wall to make it match up to the color we chose. Lastly, our greatest strength was deciding as a group on the theme and the brand. Yet, our weakest point of this project was definitely the timing. We had trouble on finishing up the project but we worked as a group, communicated well and we finished it all on time. I felt that the project was a lot of fun, working as a group and creating something new made it all interesting and fun.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.53.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 11.56.18 AM

Kim Chanel (Window Display)-1wc

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